Go It Alone!

Today’s travel tip is really a lifestyle tip as well. Go everywhere, to everything, ALONE.  Waiting for others to get on board with your plans will cost you time, money, and experiences. As a single woman, the thought of doing things alone can be scary and awkward. But only if you let it. Doing things alone has its benefits such as: You can make moves when you’re ready, without having to consider someone else. Reservations are easier to make for smaller parties. Being alone draws other people to you. You seem more approachable, giving you opportunities to meet new friends. The best benefit to traveling and doing things alone is that you learn more about yourself than you ever thought you would. You learn how you respond to different situations and you’re forced to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Comment below and tell me why you do or don’t enjoy doing things alone. Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Go It Alone!

  1. A. Powers says:

    Thank you for this post. I am always so afraid of doing things alone. But, there are many interests that I have that others don’t quite relate to, like Flamenco dancing. So, I think I may have to find my courage and Go It Alone!

    • Tammy says:

      You’re welcome. As a young black woman, I think self discovery is extremely important. Even though we have relationships, it’s important for us to use alone time to learn more about ourselves.

  2. Miyah M. says:

    I love doing things alone to be honest- me time is important. I can go to the movies during matinée time without having to match my schedule with a girlfriend or beau. I even enjoy going out to eat without others no matter the time frame. To be honest- A few times I ended up eating or communicating with strangers at restaurants even when I REALLY wanted to eat ALONE-lol. I will say the interactions I have with strangers when I’m doing alone time are quite interesting. I’ve ended up with free meals and drinks a few times as well.

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