Travel in Style: Personal Bags

I’m a firm believer of traveling in style. First impressions are everything so it’s important to look your best. Those things being said, a good travel bag requires functionality, durability, perfect sizing, and of course it has to be stylish. Your personal item can serve as your in-flight entertainment goodie bag, equipped with electronics, reading material, and snacks. In my case, it can serve as an extension of my luggage or can be my only luggage for a short weekend getaway.  Whatever its purpose, it has to meet TSA guidelines and it has to be comfortable for me to carry.

Backpacks are great because they keep my hands-free which is really important. I don’t want to fumble with a bag while managing a passport, cell phone, and other things that might be occupying my hands. They are enclosed by zippers and give me the feeling that my items, specifically my electronics, are safe. They also evenly distribute the weight of their contents when carried properly.




Totes and shoulder bags are great for Summer and Spring. You can pack light-weight clothing in them and double them as beach totes for your vacay. In the Fall and Winter, they’re perfect for carrying extra scarves, gloves, and other layering pieces. When choosing a bag, don’t limit your selection to just those being offered in your section of the store. I love men’s bags because they tend to be sturdier and have a more clean look.




When you travel, what do you usually carry ? Leave your comments below!


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