Style on a Budget: Boohoo

Photos by Sofia Emm

It’s been a while since we chatted about fashion and personal style. Last year when I lost my job, shopping was the least of my priorities. And now that I am back employed, I can’t say that’s changed. Partially because I’m being be more fiscally responsible, partially because I can’t afford a lot of the nice things that I once could. Those things considered, there are still times when I want to treat myself without breaking the bank. Places like help me do just that. Continue reading


Photos by Sofia Emm

 It is said, that you can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you’re from. And to a certain degree, that is true. As a traveler, as well as a Black woman in America, I often ponder “where I’m from” and what role that will play in my future. When I was contacted by Cultural Xpression about reviewing their shirts, I jumped at the opportunity because I love their concept! This post is sponsored but all thoughts and commentary expressed are solely my own. Continue reading

Why I’m Single

In the last few years, introspection has become a consistent, yet sometimes painful, routine in my life. As a self-proclaimed over-thinker, I am constantly examining and evaluating my relationships. This includes familial relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships. Most recently, I pondered my single status and really dug deep for an answer as to why my relationships never endure the test of time. Here’s what I came up with. Continue reading

How Patience and Impulse Can Save You Money

Happy Wednesday Accomplices!!! Thanks for coming back for my 3rd post in my 4-week series on how to purchase travel inexpensively. Last week I talked about how to use mileage reward programs to book travel. If you missed that post, you can catch up here. This week I talk about how both patience and impulse can help you save money when buying tickets. Still interested?  Continue reading

The High Mileage Club

Last week, we talked about how I travel using sites that offer flight deals.  I hope that post helped you in some way or even inspired you to book a trip! If you’re interested in how I use my airline mileage to fly for next to nothing, keep reading. Continue reading