Life Is A Runway

Lately, I find myself obsessing about my goals. Not only my goals for this year but my life goals as well. To many that may sound ambitious, overwhelming even. And to be quite honest, it’s both at times.

Recently I had a conversation with someone very close to me and while venting he said something that got me thinking, “Life is stressful, success is not easy”. Although the message wasn’t foreign to me, it spawned an epiphany of sorts. There are people that I admire and contemplate modeling myself after because of their perceived success. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing with one exception. Many times the goals we set for ourselves are based on someone else’s finished product without taking into consideration all of the hard work that contributed to their success.

In this sense, life is a runway. Many of us are sitting in the crowd with various vantage points but not even the person sitting in the front row can see all of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into producing the garment that is coming down the runway. All we see is a gorgeous model in stunning garb that doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. We don’t see the designer backstage in a frenzy because something they made is falling apart. We don’t see the model panicking in line because it’s her first show. We see none of these things. We sit in the crowd as spectators.

I had to ask myself, “Do I want to be a spectator?”. The answer is ‘no’. This post is to remind myself, and anyone else who may need reminding, that in life we can either choose to be backstage doing the work or in the crowd watching someone else live out their dreams. If we choose to be backstage, we must stay the course. Am I going to send a model down the runway ass naked because I got tired and gave up on my masterpiece? NO. And neither should you. When the journey to success gets challenging, these are the things I ponder to keep myself going.

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