Confession: I Dressed Better Before Social Media

How many times have you found yourself looking through your old photos and thinking, “What the hell was I wearing”? I’ve had more of those moments than I am willing to admit. But there are also times that I look at my old photos and realize how much of an individual I was. I often ask myself what the difference is between then and now. The short answer is: I dressed better before social media. 

I just wore what made ME feel good, not what I thought would garner likes on Instagram. Nowadays we consume so much information subconsciously without realizing the effect it has on us. Between Instagram and feeling the need to impress others, it can be challenging to stay true to yourself. Clones and carbon copies are commonplace while being unique seems like a thing of the past. The profiles we keep on social media often come off as unofficial competitions of “who wore it better”. I find myself creating looks that I have seen repeatedly whereas back in the day, my mind was a clean slate. In college, I created my own trends. The only fashion muse I had was Carrie Bradshaw. She inspired me to take risks and to care less about what others thought.

Some of you are probably nodding in agreement while wondering how we are supposed to decondition ourselves and embrace individuality again. #UNPLUG. That’s right, your favorite fashion blogger just told you to take a break from the internet. Every now and then we need a mental reset. A purge of all of the excess “data” we internalize. One way I have done this is by only getting on Instagram when I have a photo post and limiting the amount of time I spend viewing my feed to 1 minute. Gone are the days of endless scrolling. I don’t follow many fashion bloggers anymore because I don’t want to be influenced by anyone other than myself. I force myself back into a time period when I had less points of reference. I focus on my personal style and honestly, it feels good.

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