How Patience and Impulse Can Save You Money

Happy Wednesday Accomplices!!! Thanks for coming back for my 3rd post in my 4-week series on how to purchase travel inexpensively. Last week I talked about how to use mileage reward programs to book travel. If you missed that post, you can catch up here. This week I talk about how both patience and impulse can help you save money when buying tickets. Still interested?  Continue reading

Flying High With Low Fares

I get asked quite frequently ‘how’ I travel. Most times it’s a loaded question so I ignore it. Then I thought of my readers and other people who genuinely don’t know the best ways to travel. That inspired me to post a 4-part series on how I travel. Each Wednesday for the next 4 weeks I will tell you a different way I book tickets for the trips I take. Continue reading

Utopia in Hawaii


Iolani Luahihe inspired the rebirth of Hawaii’s ancient art of dancing, Hula Kahiko.

Last month I had the privilege to visit one the of most beautiful places on earth, Honolulu, Hawaii. Before visiting, I’d always thought about Hawaii in terms of postcard-like scenery and luau celebrations. What I was surprised by was the obsession that Hawaiians have with President Obama, street art, and all things SPAM.  Continue reading