Flying High With Low Fares

I get asked quite frequently ‘how’ I travel. Most times it’s a loaded question so I ignore it. Then I thought of my readers and other people who genuinely don’t know the best ways to travel. That inspired me to post a 4-part series on how I travel. Each Wednesday for the next 4 weeks I will tell you a different way I book tickets for the trips I take.

One of the many ways I travel is by taking advantage of flight specials. In order to achieve this, one must choose a few websites to assist them in finding the best deal. Two blogs that I love are: The Flight Deal and Escape Houston. The Flight Deal posts flight specials from many major cities across America while, as its name suggests, Escape Houston posts specials only from Houston. The reason I like these sites are because they do most of the work for me. They tell me the best dates to travel for that deal, which booking sites are hosting the special, and even which booking sites to avoid for that particular trip. Last year I flew from Houston to Los Angeles roundtrip for $137 with a deal that I found on The Flight Deal.


The Rules of Engagement

  1. JUST DO IT – Nike was really onto something when they created their tagline. When you find a flight special that you are interested in, BOOK IT. Ever heard the phrase “Study long, study wrong”? Maybe you haven’t but it totally applies to this situation. Most of the specials listed on these sites are flash deals which mean they will only be listed at that price for very limited time. I live by the philosophy of “Book now and figure the rest out later”.
  2. HAVE AN OPEN MIND – Many of the specials featured will be to places that you probably have not considered traveling to. That’s a great thing. It will force you out of your comfort zone and give you a reason to explore territory unknown to you and your travel tribe.
  3. SUBSCRIBE!!! – I literally have to beg y’all to subscribe to my blog but that’s another story. If you want to stay up on the latest deals and get notifications when a new trip is posted, sign up for their email blasts or follow them on social media. It costs you nothing and the only risk you take is booking an amazing trip that you didn’t know you wanted.

If you have ever booked a flight deal, tell me about it below in the comments. Next Wednesday, I will talk bout how I fly using airline mileage. Don’t forget to share this post and subscribe.

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