Utopia in Hawaii


Iolani Luahihe inspired the rebirth of Hawaii’s ancient art of dancing, Hula Kahiko.

Last month I had the privilege to visit one the of most beautiful places on earth, Honolulu, Hawaii. Before visiting, I’d always thought about Hawaii in terms of postcard-like scenery and luau celebrations. What I was surprised by was the obsession that Hawaiians have with President Obama, street art, and all things SPAM.  Continue reading

Fall 2016 Color Guide


September 22nd marks the first day of the most beautiful season of the year a.k.a. Autumn! Fall tends to be my favorite season because I love the fabrics and colors most associated with it. Earthier tones flatter everyone and I can finally kick all of my skin-tight clothing to the back of my closet. The colors I gravitate toward every Fall rarely change but variations of my favorite colors give me something fresh and new to look forward to. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why these colors should be at the top of your list this season.  Continue reading

Vacation Recovery


My lovely Cole Haan toiletry kit that I got from flying business class with American Airlines!

How many times have you come home from a trip and felt as if you never went on vacation to begin with? Times where the trip itself was amazing but all of the travel, airports, climate changes and time zones left you SPENT? If I’m being truthful, this happens to me often. I come home exhausted and want nothing to do with other humans or anything else for that matter. These are the times that I go into Vacation Recovery. Continue reading

From Paris With Love


Even before I dubbed myself “The Urban Carrie”, I had long dreamt of the day that I would visit Paris, France. It has been on my bucket list for forever so when my friend Chase invited me, I could not turn him down. Chase had friends living in the city so I got more of a local experience and had a blast!

Continue reading