Hair of Nature Whipped Body Shimmer Review!!!

Last month I received this product from Hair of Nature in exchange for my honest review. As a loyal customer of the brand, I am excited to share a new product with you as well as my first YouTube video. For my overall thoughts on the Whipped Body Shimmer, keep reading and watch the video! Continue reading

Be Humble?

Monday while scrolling social media, I had an epiphany. I have been scared to live my most full life. Scared to ask for exactly what I want. In every aspect of my life. For fear of rejection or being branded a b*tch. Then I remembered that playing small in my own life does nothing for me but make other people comfortable. I’m not a loveseat. F*ck your comfort. As a woman, I have the task of trying to create a life and fulfill my desires in such a way that advances me but doesn’t offend anyone else in the process. That’s dumb.

If a man is bold and aggressive, people will call him a boss. If a woman is the same way, people will call her a b*tch. At this point in my life, I’m perfectly fine with people thinking I’m a b*tch. I know who am and so do the people who are closest to me. When it comes to my life, I have every right to be ambitious, adventurous, bold, and any other thing that helps me live my life to the fullest. Most importantly, I have the right to be unapologetic about it all. That’s the part that really bothers people the most. For some reason, being carefree and living without regard to others opinions of you tends to ruffle feathers. I say let them ruffle.

Remember, anything in moderation can be a good thing. Set boundaries, be firm in your decisions, be a little selfish, and flourish. I hope this post will help you break through whatever is holding you back. If it did, share it to help someone else. Thanks for reading!

African Fashion Week Houston 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a fashion event in Houston. Exactly two months from now, that changes. Houston will be mixing my two loves, fashion and African culture, to showcase its 4th Annual African Fashion Week. Get your planner and pen out because I’m about to give you the run down of this year’s events that you won’t want to miss.  Continue reading

Travel in Style: Personal Bags

I’m a firm believer of traveling in style. First impressions are everything so it’s important to look your best. Those things being said, a good travel bag requires functionality, durability, perfect sizing, and of course it has to be stylish. Your personal item can serve as your in-flight entertainment goodie bag, equipped with electronics, reading material, and snacks. In my case, it can serve as an extension of my luggage or can be my only luggage for a short weekend getaway.  Whatever its purpose, it has to meet TSA guidelines and it has to be comfortable for me to carry. Continue reading

Economy, Business, or First?

I have flown quite a bit over the past few years. A few of those times I had the privilege of flying business and business-first class. For those who don’t know the difference between the three, they become very apparent depending on how long your flight is. So how do you choose? My general rule of thumb is, if your flight is 5 hours or less, economy or economy plus will do just fine. Flying in a better class usually isn’t worth it on the shorter flights in my opinion. If your flight is 8 hours or longer I would definitely suggest flying business or first class, if you can afford it. This tip comes solely from a comfort aspect. Sitting for 8 hours straight can be torture for most people, myself included. Since most of us aren’t on flights of that length regularly, it won’t hurt to splurge on yourself once a year. Perks include: having a seat that allows you to lie down or recline, the food/alcohol selection is much better and often included in your ticket, and you have more space to yourself. Amenities vary depending on airline and aircraft. can provide that information for you. If you have more questions, contact me or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!