Flying High With Low Fares

I get asked quite frequently ‘how’ I travel. Most times it’s a loaded question so I ignore it. Then I thought of my readers and other people who genuinely don’t know the best ways to travel. That inspired me to post a 4-part series on how I travel. Each Wednesday for the next 4 weeks I will tell you a different way I book tickets for the trips I take. Continue reading

Confession: I Dressed Better Before Social Media

How many times have you found yourself looking through your old photos and thinking, “What the hell was I wearing”? I’ve had more of those moments than I am willing to admit. But there are also times that I look at my old photos and realize how much of an individual I was. I often ask myself what the difference is between then and now. The short answer is: I dressed better before social media.  Continue reading

New Year, New Me

First, I’d like to thank all of you for sticking with me for the past few years. I haven’t been the most consistent blogger and that isn’t fair to you all. This year I made a vow to be more consistent and improve in every aspect of my life including my blog. That being said, I am transitioning The Style Accomplice to a lifestyle blog. Instead of just focusing on style and travel, I will be writing about an array of topics. Starting March 1st, posts will be uploaded every Monday and Wednesday. This year I also plan to create a product that will be available for purchase here. The actual product is a surprise so please stay tuned ;). I hope you continue to support me and hold me accountable as I get my life together lol.


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